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Now in safety yellow with a much easier opening battery compartment.

The most powerful diving strobe in the world.

Highest light output.

Highest flash rate of any emergency or location strobe for diving use.

User replaceable battery's 20 hrs burn time on the fastest flash rate.

Comes complete with clip device to securely lock it to the shot line when in use.

Finding your way underwater is a skill we all should have, but sometimes we need a little help. Wreck divers have long since known the benefits of having a marker light attached to the shot line at the bottom, especially when extended decompression is required.

Finding your way back to the shot line, the safety of the group, decompression station and boat cover with drop bottles should not be a matter of luck or yours might run out quickly. Simply attach the Pathfinder about 10-15ft above the wreck using the supplied locking clip and find your way back to safety.

The problem with strobes commercially available at the moment is despite their claims of depth capability, they flood. Regularly. They also flash too slowly to be of use when you’re looking round for the marker, you can turn your head and miss it.

We built the Pathfinder because we needed it, now you can benefit from that and have one too. We can state with confidence that there is no other strobe for underwater use that exceeds the performance of the Pathfinder.

What sets us apart from other strobes is our personal guarantee that this one won’t let you down. Built without compromise, the Pathfinder strobe is activated with a twist of the collar and has an extremely long burn times between battery changes.

Battery compartment is a triple O-ring seal and the unit takes x2 C-cell battery’s that can be Alkaline or Rechargeable cells.

We firmly believe it will save lives or at the very least, give you confidence that support will never be far away.

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