Dive Torches

Our range of Dive Torches and accessories includes models from industry-leading manufacturers such as  MetalSub and Aropec, these range from compact back up lights, primary and umbilical torches, if you’re looking for a quality torch then you’re in the right place. 

Underwater Torches are an essential piece of equipment for any diver, as you get deeper and deeper into the water your vision will become constrained due to the depth you’re at, this is where a dive torch helps, a good torch will light the way for you in any dive situation when natural light is restricted. It’s recommended that you carry a dive torch with you on every dive, even if it's only a small pocket torch as they can also add to your overall experience and can bring out colours in fish.

It is highly recommended to consider a torch with a rechargeable battery as they do not require consistent battery replacements so therefore are more economical in the long run as well as many other benefits.

As well as quality torches we also stock a range of accessories such as torch holders, battery chargers and battery cells, here at Narked at 90 we are dedicated to providing you the highest quality products from leading manufacturers that we also use ourselves, so you can rest assured that every product we sell is tried and tested and will go beyond expectations.

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