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Services & SupportNarked at 90 Ltd provide services to many manufacturers, dealers and systems integrators. Our services range from simple repair to full bespoke design and build of prototype equipment. We have designed rebreather interface components for a range of computers such as the Shearwater and Liquivision aswell as working with companies such as VR Technologies. We have also optimised and contributed to many rebreather designs such as the Camelion and our influences have been seen in many of the very best rebreathers in the world such as the JJ-CCR. We are proud of helping where we can in the industry and our reputation for honesty, integrity and confidentiality has made us the preferred supplier to many companies.

If you require assistance with your product, or require an authorised repair centre in the UK, then do not hesitate to give us a call. We have one of the finest prototype workshops and laboratory testing facilities for dive equipment outside of test houses. Our calibrated telemetry chamber is capable of over 400m depth. We even have the ability to test in accordance with EN17025 acreditation.



Shearwater Research

Narked at 90 has been appointed exclusively by Shearwater Research in Canada as their authorised repair agent for the UK Narked at 90 is truly on the 'front line' when it comes to Shearwater products. We have an intimate knowledge of the Shearwater products that no other body has outside of the manufacturer, and therefore you can be rest assured that we can deal with any problems in house. We carry complete parts and components so your Dive computer can be returned to you without interfering with your diving.

Ratio Computer

Ration computer Have appionted Narked at 90 as there sole UK repair and distrobution centre, we can service and support Ratio computers and transmitter ranges,
Narked at 90 is your warranty and piont of sales for Ratio and We carry complete parts and components so your Dive computer can be returned to you without interfering with your diving.


Should you experience any problems with your compter product, we are more than happy to help in any way that is required. You can contact us by clicking the link at the bottom of this page and we will be in touch straight away to assist. Don't forget to put your contact details on the email including a phone number where we can call you to discuss your issues. Some issues may be resolved by uploading the latest firmware. Please try this if possible.

Most problems can be sorted out with a quick chat or email, but if for some reason you need to return your computer to us, then please email us from the link below and we will get it sorted for you quickly. Most repairs, even main board replacements can be turned around so you get your computer back within one week. If extended repairs are expected, Narked at 90 will try to make available a loan unit for you so you don't miss out on that all important dive trip (note 1).


Contact us for support

Note 1 - Loan units are available only when specific terms and conditions are complied with. It is Narked at 90's complete discretion whether a loan unit will be provided. Loan units belong to Narked at 90 and are only available to Narked at 90 customers. Narked at 90's decisions on the qualification of eligibility of loan units is final.

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