Dive Computers & Accessories

Dive Computers & Accessories

Designed to monitor your time and depth underwater Dive Computers are an essential piece of equipment for divers across the globe, in recent years advancements in technology have seen Dive Computers dramatically improve in both functionality and design.

The role of a dive computer is to provide information on your dive to you (the user) in order to ensure that your time spent underwater is safe and without any unwanted surprises, some but not all dive computers provide information such as No stop limits, Dive depth, Time, Ascent rate, No stop time remaining, Emergency decompression, Previous dive information, Low battery warning, Enriched air compatible and much more.

Dive computers have evolved by leaps and bounds in recent years, so much so that you can now buy a computer the size of a wristwatch that is both impressive in functionality and can also be used in your daily routine as a regular watch.

Most computers these days including our Shearwater and Ratio have the ability to connect to software that can keep records of your dives.

Basic computers generally do not have this option, so if you’re an avid diver we would recommend budgeting for a quality dive computer that will serve your needs for as long as possible.