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Introducing The Divesoft He/O2 Analyzer

He/O2 analyzer is a precise apparatus for measuring oxygen helium concentrations in diving breathing gasses. It is a necessary tool for technical divers using nitrox and trimix mixtures. The analyzer is characterized by its high accuracy and reliability thanks to an innovative solution for measuring helium concentrations. This technology works on the principle of measuring the speed of sound, thanks to which it is never necessary to replace the helium sensor.

Another quality of the Divesoft analyzer is its other functions and add-ins. Analyzers have an in-built calculator for mixing gases, it can be connected to a compressor for watching the oxygen concentration during a continuous filling with warning alarms (a relay can also be connected for automatic turning off of the compressor after surpassing critical values), and with the aid of measuring modules, it is possible to measure electrical voltage and resistance. This is especially useful for finding out the state of the diving lights and scooters of for example of the state of a light bulb.

The analyzer can identify some other gases and mixtures used for diving. In case of a hypoxic mixture without the presence of another inert gas other than nitrogen, it warns you not to breathe such gas through the text “FOUL AIR”. It can also identify argon and in special settings measure its purity (presence of air).

Stand Alone Analyzer includes:

  • Analyzer He/O2
  • Simple flow limiter
  • Adapter with endings for the whole world
  • EVA case for Analyzer He/O2

Product Advantages:

  • Sturdy and durable - Durable design supported by premium materials that will last.
  • Low maintenance - Our Analyzer He/O2 does not use an electrochemical He sensor. It uses our patented sensor to measure the speed of sound to determine the density of the measured gas mix. Which means no need for the replacement and no additional expenses connected to He sensor replacement. Ever!
  • Li-Ion battery - Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with USB charging. For your convenience as well as for the purpose of continuous gas analysis.
  • Precise and accurate - Benchmark inaccurate gas analysis with single-point calibration or three-point calibration for highest precision
  • Speed of sound - Divesoft He/O2 Analyzer uses our patented method of He content measurement based on the speed of sound. That makes our analyzer a true benchmark while allowing you to own the analyzer without any additional cost with top of the line precision.
  • Intelligent firmware - Firmware designed to provide real-time gas calculations for the most accurate cylinder labeling

Technical Data:

  • Range of measuring the concentration of oxygen: 0 to 100 %
  • Range of measuring the concentration of helium: 0 to 100 %
  • Measuring temperature: 0 to +40° C (32 – 104° F)
  • Mixture pressure: consistent with ambient pressure, in the range of 700–1100 millibars (20–32 inches of Hg) which corresponds to the standard atmosphere at an elevation in the range of 0 to 3000 m (0–10000 feet) above sea level.
  • Rated gas throughput: 0.2 L/min
  • Basis of measuring the speed of sound: 800 mm
  • Measuring frequency: 2 kHz
  • Oxygen sensor: Teledyne R-22S or compatible
  • Power source: Rechargeable battery or 9V alkaline battery, type 6F22 or 12V adapter DC.
  • The connection dimensions of the sampler: standard for a “DIN” valve (EN 144-2) for 200/300 bars (G 5/8 thread). Samplers with a connection to any standardized or common valves are available on request or as optional equipment.
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