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Introducing The Twice Award Winning Cell Checker From Narked at 90

Check your rebreather oxygen sensors and track the health, spot problems before you lose a dive trip or your life. Dont wait for problems to happen, BE PROACTIVE WITH YOUR OWN SAFETY Current limitations and non-linearity of oxygen cells has been a problem for rebreathers from the start.

Preventing accidents in rebreathers from cell failures is possible in most cases by accurately testing the cells before use. The only way to accurately test a cell is with a calibrated test chamber which can hold a static pressure without deviation and the ability to log the results and graph them.

Calibration on the surface can only produce an output from the cells for 1 bar PPO2. Diving at a set point greater that 1.0 will put you at risk of Hyperoxia unless you can verify the cells integrity. An Oxygen flush at 6m depth and watching the cells can only indicate they are not current limited.

Doing this after a dive or whilst doing deco is too late and can be tricky at the beginning of a dive if the current is flowing or you're pressured into a fast descent. You end up in a situation of inaccurate readings that will not tell you if your cells are capable of maintaining their output over a period of time without dropping off.

The Cell Checker shows you true milli-volt readings from all three of the cells so does not need to be calibrated as a PPO2 readout will need to be, making the unit very easy to use. There is a Quick start guide and lookup table in the lid of the unit and very comprehensive lookup tables in the manual that covers supply gas percentages from 91% up to 100%.

The product also features a cell output plotting graph for you to input your readings to, so you can see a graphic of the cells output. This is very helpful in determining a limiting curve. NOTE: this cell checker can also be plugged directly into the rebreather for testing the alams and solenoid operation- REQUIRES OPTIONAL CABLE.

The Cell Checker© has now been taken up by the military and civilian alike, with customers such as National Oceanographic Atmospheric Administration, Diving Diseases Research Center the FBI and the NATO Research dive team. Also many of the sensor manufactures use our cell checkers. We firmly believe it will save lives or at the very least save your dives or dive trips. PC SOFTWARE and POWERPOINT PRESENTATION NOW INCLUDED ONLY ONE HEAD COMES WITH THE CELL CHECKER© YOU CHOOSE WHICH ONE FROM THE DROP DOWN LIST ABOVE.


  • (MOLEX) Fits Inspiration classic(older version) Kiss classic and Sport Kiss Megalodon rEvo Optima submatics Nautilus Poseidon Palagian
  • (JACK) Ouroborous Sentinel
  • (SMB coax FEMALE) Deep Pursuit APD Vision and Evolution and newer Inspirations Chameleon JJ-CCR using old cells without the wire Narked at 90 - PPO2 Pod
  • (SMB coax MALE) Titan rebreather SF2 ccr
  • (SMB coax MALE)with cell holder JJ-ccr with wire attached to sensors
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