APD Travel light stand

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Back by popular demand, The Travel light stand for APD Vision and Evolution rebreathers.

Made from marine grade aluminum, This stand only weighs 1kg out of the water,

It is meant to be a very basic light weight frame made for travailing, and replaces the plastic case of the rebreather.

The mounting holes for the back plate are pre-drilled and counter sunk and the whole stand as a glass blasted finish. There is a small scrubber holder built into the stand as standard and the stand comes complete with x4 cam-bands to secure 2lt or 3lt tanks.

There is also a Velcro webbing strap with a non slip pad to secure the scrubber housing in place.

WARNING: never use a cam band to secure the scrubber because it can distort the housing and impede the scrubber inside.

This stand is very basic and any extra mounting holes you may wish need to be added by yourself

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