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This is a blank head for the APD classic Inspiration rebreather manufactured out of low porosity, high inspection grade DELRIN (POM).

We have produced this so you can plan and build your own rebreather projects. The head is complete with the mounting holes and the cutout for the stack in-feed pipe, so you don't have to drill any holes or do any milling to mount the head on to the scrubber.

Why buy a half finished component? ALL THIS MACHINING HAS BEEN DONE FOR YOU!

Most importantly, the location notch has been machined into the cell holder position. This is critical if you don't want a complete failure.This centre cutout is the same as the original for either a standard APD cell holder or our classic 4/5th cell holder with quick removable cell tube.

All other holes you may need have been left out, so it is down to you to choose your own positions and sizes for your own project

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