APD Classic Inspiration BLANK 4th & 5th Cell Holder

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The only detachable APD cell holder in the world! 

Do not trust your life to imitations. Only our system is developed with computer manufacturers and meets their stringent approvals. We have developed in conjunction with Bean diving a 4th and 5th cell holder that fits the classic inspiration. We've sold so many of these that rebreather manufacturers have made special tools to help service clients units with them on! Note - do not change the lock nut supplied by APD, they have special tools that will only fit their nut.

The cell holder has two component parts that pull apart, one side stays in the head so you don't have to break the seal when changing cells the other part holds the cells and battery box and simply pulls out when you need to change cells.

It is a secure 3 o-ring push-fit and does not come apart unless you need it to.

The cell holder is sold in several configurations that are upgradeable without it being returned to us.

Just but the cable type you want and screw it into the cell holder, 3 cell monitoring or just a 4th cell monitor, or how about just fit the cell holder just to make it easier to change sensors when they need changing!!

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