APD Evolution Stand

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These stands have been designed to fit the APD Evolution and Evolution + rebreather.

Using the stand makes donning and doffing the unit much easier as it rises the units up by approximately 5.3" (135mm)

This takes the weight of your lower back whilst sitting on boats, but also removes backache whilst diving by transferring the weight from the small of your back to your buttocks, this makes a massive difference on longer dives.

The stand is made from a marine grade aluminium with a glass blasted finish and is very durable and very pretty.

The edges are rounded to give a professional finish leaving no sharp edges.

The total weight of the stand is approx 1.5kg out of water and is perfectly balanced, the in water weight is very slightly negative but because of the balance you should have no problems with trim.

There is enough room under the base to store lift bags, SMB's or battery packs to suit inflator tank. we have cut in a number of holes and slots so you can add bungees to hold items.

All bolts needed for standard fitting (no drilling) come with the stand.

But there is also extra bolts added if you wish to drill the APD case (THIS IS OPTIONAL) Adding the extra bolts and drilling the 4 holes in the plastic case vastly improves the stability of the plastic rebreather case as it suffers a lot of twisting normally

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