Moldable Mouthpiece

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This PVC mouthpiece is a comfortable piece of equipment that can be used with most regulators on the market.

How To Mold Your Mouthpiece

Step 1

Put the mouthpiece in your mouth (upside facing up), trim off excess material on the tip or wall until the mouthpiece doesn't hit the gingiva. 

Step 2

Heat some water to 90 - 100 Celcius degrees, put the mouthpiece in the water for 10 - 20 seconds by holding the black handle, do not remove the handle in this step.

Step 3

Take the mouthpiece out from the water, leave it to cool down for 6 - 15 seconds, put it in your mouth and pressurize by biting on the tab in order to mold the shape.

Step 4

After the shape is molded, remove the holder and side pins, repeat steps 1 - 4 if the shape is not satisfactory. 

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