Divesoft-Freedom 3 Cell SMB (CO-AX) Cable Assembly

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  • Fitted with the Divesoft-Freedom Connector
  • This cable makes it possible to monitor all 3 sensors and has built-in isolation so if the cable is unplugged or cut it will not interfere with rebreather sensor readings.
  • Made from 1.5m water blocked cable with all parts resin filled and the cable comes complete with Gold plated sensor splitters.
  • M12 x 1.5 cable gland, gold connections, Built-in Isolation.

You have to set up sensor termination in your Freedom if you want to use it with this cable, please follow this procedure:

New configuration items:

  • in main menu "Setup / Rebreather / Cell -> 10k"
  • in main menu "Setup / Rebreather / 3rd sensor ratio"

"Cell -> 10k" (default On) allows you to disconnect terminators inside Freedom for sensors 1 and 2. When set to Off, sensors 1 and 2 should show full sensor voltage. "Cell -> 10k" affects only cells #1 and #2, this is why there is a "3rd sensor ratio" option to correct cell #3.

3rd sensor ratio (default 2.00): It works as a virtual amplifier for sensor 3. Allowed values are 1.00 - 3.00. You have to adjust this ratio so Freedom shows the voltage as you can measure with Freedom disconnected.

IMPORTANT: This setting is active if terminators are off ONLY!

When terminators are On, the 3rd sensor works without this coefficient!

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