Mini check cable and cell checker cables - COAX-MALE

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These are cables that fit the cell checker and mini check And allow you to plug the cell checker in to your rebreather or volt meter. and will allow you to put your rebreather through a dive with out being in the water, This can be very helpful for testing solenoid firing and alarm testing

or simply using your rebreather electronics to monitor your cells under pressure REMEMBER IF YOUR CELLS ARE FEMALE YOU REQUIRE A MALE CABLE

They come in 6 different connector types to match your rebreather cells type.

1.coax-female FITS (new JJ-ccr, deep pursuit, 
2.coax-male FITS(vision,evolution, old JJ-ccr, deeppursuit, apoc pod, Xccr)
3.jack plug FITS (ouroboros, sentinel)
4.molex-male FITS(revo, meg, kiss, Titan, old inspiration,Pelagian)
6.fischer connector FITS (shearwater, liquivision x1 with x-link, DR5) 

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