Metalsub Handheld Torch XRE1250-R (With Wireless Contact Charging)

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MetalSub XRE1250-R Rechargeable Torch with MP1250 Wireless Contact Charger

The Metalsub XRE1250-R Rechargeable Dive Torch with MP1250 Wireless Contact Charger is as carefully and as sturdily built as the Metalsub cable lamps and is even easier to use.

This torch is perfect for diving in all conditions. With 1250 lumens, 120 minutes burning time and functions like dimming, warning signals and another 5 hours fading light, this torch is just as fantastic as larger models. Unlike larger powerful torches, it weighs in at less than 400 grams, making it perfect for travel!

In short, this is an incredibly versatile lamp that will provide many years of diving enjoyment.


  • Material: Aluminium, Anodised*, Teflon Coated
  • Weight above water: Approx. 390 gram.
  • Weight under water: Approx. 240 gram.
  • Size: 49 x 220 mm (D x L)
  • Maximum Operational Depth: 250 metres
  • Standard Lamp Power: 12 Watt LED - 1250 Lumens **
  • Colour Temperature: 5700 Kelvin
  • Reflector: Beam 10° (Spot)
  • Batterypack: NMC 7,2V - 5Ah
  • Capacity at 100% power: Approx. 120 minutes (+ 6 minutes remaining cap. on 33%)
  • Capacity at 25% power: (temperature 20 C) Approx. 360 minutes

Electronic circuit:

  • Variable light power: On/Off, 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%.
  • Depth discharging protection
  • Battery capacity indication
  • Flash signal - one short flash per second
  • S.O.S.- signal - 3x short, 3x long, 3x short flashes


  • Electronic thermal 60°C
  • Overpressure valve for any battery gas leakage


  • MP1200 (standard)
  • External charging by contact rings
  • Automatic switch to pulse charging
  • Charge time 4 hours
  • Standard supplied with 12VDC Car Adapter
  • Hyperbaric pressure test: 15 bar.
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