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Mini Check

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Introducing The Mini Check

Check your rebreather oxygen sensors and track the health, spot problems before you lose a dive trip or your life. Don't wait for problems to happen, BE PROACTIVE WITH YOUR OWN SAFETY, The Mini-Check© Building on the huge success of the original award-winning Cell Checker©, Narked at 90 are delighted to offer a small, lightweight and low-cost alternative for the rebreather diver.

The Mini-Check© plugs into your existing rebreather electronics to display the output of the cell. All of the necessary controls are built into its small housing. This not only allows you to test your sensors but also lets you test your solenoid operation and alarms on the rebreather. Current limitations and non-linearity of galvanic oxygen cells has been a problem for rebreathers from the start and has caused a number of accidents.

With this in mind, myself and my colleagues to try and minimize the problems encountered on dives with current limited cells. Calibration on the surface can only produce an output from the cells for 1 bar PPO2. Diving at a set point greater than 1.0 will put you at risk of Hyperoxia unless you can verify the integrity of the cell. Usually, this involves an Oxygen flush at 6m depth and watching the cells are not current limited. Doing this after a dive or whilst doing deco is too late and can be tricky at the beginning of a dive if the current is flowing or you're pressured into a fast descent. 6M flushes are inaccurate and will not tell you if your cells are linear or capable of maintaining their output over a period of time without dropping off. So now you can check your cells for current limiting before you get in the water.

We firmly believe it will save lives or at the very least save your dives or dive trips. PC SOFTWARE and POWERPOINT PRESENTATION INCLUDED ONLY ONE HEAD COMES WITH THE MINI CHECKER© YOU CHOOSE WHICH ONE FROM THE DROP DOWN LIST ABOVE.


  • (MOLEX) Fits Inspiration classic(older version) Kiss classic and Sport Kiss Megalodon rEvo Optima submatrices Nautilus Poseidon Pelagian
  • (JACK) Ouroborous Sentinel
  • (SMB coax FEMALE) Deep Pursuit APD Vision and Evolution and newer Inspirations Chameleon JJ-CCR using old cells without the wire Narked at 90- PPO2 Pod
  • (SMB coax MALE) Titan rebreather SF2 CCR
  • (SMB coax MALE) with cell holder JJ-CCR with wire attached to sensors

HOW TO ORDER THE MINI-CHECK© choose which cell connector head you would like and select it from the drop-down menu, then select the cable type you would like. If you have a Molex type cell you would want a Molex cable if you are going to plug the mini check into your rebreather the same goes for SMB and JACK, if you want to plug into a voltmeter or a Shearwater choose the cell type then choose either the voltmeter or Fischer cable type.

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