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Seacraft (FUTURE DPV) 1000Wh

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Introducing The Seacraft FUTURE 1000Wh

Seacraft FUTURE is the basic model of the Seacraft brand.

Includes a 1000W battery, which allows for extended use of the power of the scooter, on average 2-4 dives without charging the battery.

This model is perfect for recreational and technical diving to a depth of 150m.

It also works well in scooter rentals located in diving bases and clubs around the world. Intuitive and simple handling and ergonomics ensure easy handling, and state-of-the-art technical solutions ensure the safety and comfort even for less experienced divers.

The economical design of the model also gives a short battery charging time, approximately 3 hours. Charging is possible without opening the scooter since the charging socket is located directly in the housing case of the device.

FUTURE was tested by many recognized divers in the world, including tested in the exploration of caves and wrecks in both saltwater and freshwater. It's the lightest (only 16kg with battery) and the fastest and most compact scooter in its class currently available on the market. Its additional advantage is the long-range of diving, which was achieved mainly by the high efficiency of the drive unit and the high power of the battery.


  • Battery dedicated to scooter FUTURE 1000Wh
  • Charger 240W 9S LiIon dedicated to FUTURE I GHOST scooters
  • POM transport bracket fi 160
  • Universal sports camera mount, attached to the control module
  • Internal scooter ballast mounting plate
  • Trimming weight 62g - 3 pieces
  • Trimming weight 182g - 2 pieces
  • Scooter harness 1,8m with carabiners and two clips
  • Spare parts set for FUTURE – set of seals and grease for seals
  • Service key


Li-Ion Battery :
Working time at optimal speed (45m/min)*:
Working time at maximum speed*:
Static thrust:
Maximum speed:
> 1000 Wh
>  270min.
>  95min.
>  13 km
>  340N
>  1,60 m/s

* Applicable in terms of a diver in a twinset 2x12, in a dry suit, in freshwater. Range tested for optimum speed


Li-Ion Battery :
Nominal battery voltage :
Maximum battery voltage (after charging) :
Minimum battery voltage (after charging) :
Average time of charging 75% :
Average time of charging 90% :
Average time of charging 100% :
Charger operating voltage :
> 1000 Wh
> 32,4V / 32,4V
> 37,8V / 37,8V
> 26,0V / 26,0V
> 160min.
> 260min.
> 370min.
> 180-250V , 50-60Hz AC, 240 W


Length :
Housing diameter :
Weight without battery:
Weight with freshwater battery and ballast (freshwater)
845 mm
360 mm
410 mm
160 mm
10,5 kg
16,3 kg


Maximum operational depth :
Maximum tested depth :
Correct bouyancy (with adjusted ballast) :
Scooter operating temperature :
Scooter storage temperature :
Temperature whilst charging :
-15 / +50⁰C
-20 / +50⁰C
10 / +40⁰C

Technical Specification
SKU F 1042
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