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The mirror is derived from one of the oldest and simplest signaling tools – reflection of sunlight. The mirror is made of stainless steel with increased resistance to salt water and is polished to a reflective sheen on both sides. When used properly, light reflected from the mirror can be seen at a great distance.

INSTRUCTIONS: It is necessary to position the mirror so that it reflects sunlight toward the object or people whose attention we want to attract (boat, aircraft, search party). For this purpose, there is a hole in the middle of the mirror thanks to which reflected sunlight can be precisely aimed in the chosen direction.
1. Grasp the mirror so that sunlight passes through the hole to the palm of your hand, where it will form a small illuminated spot. At the same time, you must be able to see this illuminated spot reflected on the back of the mirror.
2. Close one eye and adjust the position of the mirror so that you can see the object at which you are aiming through the hole.
3. Tilt the mirror so that you can see the object through the hole and the illuminated point on your palm converges with the hole in the mirror. At that moment the reflected light is precisely aimed in the direction of the object that you see through the hole.

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