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Rubber sensor cover- fits molex sensors
Our Price: £1.13 (1.36 inc VAT)

Molex rebreather oxygen sensor
Our Price: £54.93 (65.92 inc VAT)

SMB Rebreather oxygen sensor
Our Price: £54.93 (65.92 inc VAT)

JJ-CCR Oxygen Sensor
Our Price: £73.99 (88.79 inc VAT)


Cell specifications and use.

CE Approval:

These sensors have been tested in various units to EN14143. It has passed those tests in the equipment we are most concerned with and we retained the coaxial (SMB) connector as the most suitable for our application.

These sensors are in compliance to the following:

  • BS EN 60601-1-2, ASTM F 1462, ASTM F 1463, ISO 7767, ISO 9703-1, ISO 9703-2, EN/IEC 60601-1, MIL-STD810E.
  • The sensors are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001and also ISO 13485 accreditation.
  • In the absence of any specific standard/s for dive sensors, the new generation sensors are currently manufactured in accordance to the applied standards EN 50270, EN 50104/A1, EN 61010-1 and EN61326-1.

If we ever get a dive sensor EN standard it may also be required that a notified body number be applied next to the CE mark. We are at present taking advice and depending on the ruling will carry out the required procedures for compliance.

There is no way that a manufacturer of sensors can fully test sensors in every piece of equipment in which they can be used. We test the sensors in laboratory testing and in simulators (such as ANSTI), but it is better and more honest not to make any claims that we cannot 100% substantiate.